Grow with Copernicus – Summer Camp at NCU
July 10th-28th, 2023


SOCIAL SCIENCES MODULE is especially recommended for students of the following fields of studies:

Law, Administration, Economy, Management, Political Science, International Relations, Sociology, Psychology, Socio-Economic Geography, Internal Security etc.



Planetary environmental crisis – social and existential dimensions


If you choose the SOCIAL SCIENCES MODULE, the following are waiting for you:

  • 40 hours of academic classes conducted by specialists in Social Sciences


July 10th-14th, 2023

II weeks in Toruń

July 17th-28st, 2023


  • additional attractions "MY SPECIALIZATION TRIPS" – those activities take place outside the main didactic program and present Poland as an attractive place of educational, scientific and research opportunities; we offer various attractions depending on the specifics of a given module, including sightseeing, shows, visits to various places, trips outside Toruń.


Planetary environmental crisis – social and existential dimensions

The concept of sustainable development is the subject of research in various disciplines in the social sciences, including economics, sociology and legal sciences. The prepared lectures will briefly present the genesis of the concept of sustainable development. It will be pointed out that the idea of sustainable development emerged as early as the 1960s as an attempt to answer questions about threats related to the dynamic development of the economy of Western countries, depletion of non-renewable natural resources, pollution of the natural environment, rapid demographic growth, and deepening differences between the Global North and the Global South. Contemporary concepts of sustainable development will also be presented and discussed (including the so-called narrow understanding of sustainable development identified with eco-development and the broad understanding of sustainable development defined as a new paradigm of development, promoting a new vision of integrated order). In turn, during the workshop, students will try to find an answer to the question of how knowledge about the functioning of the human mind can be used to promote pro-environmental behaviour. During the workshop, we will look at exactly how this can be done - so that more people engage in actions to protect nature individually and collectively.


 Additionally, all participants take part all together in:

  • the cultural module classes (online, 1st week, 20 academic hours):

              In the world of Polish literature, music, film and contemporary art 

  • the cultural program (2nd and 3rd week):

             Outside the classroom: culture and integration,

        including activities such as: sightseeing Toruń and the University, a bonfire and Polish songs meeting, visiting museums and galleries, workshops, a city game, a 1-day trip outside Toruń.

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Grow with Copernicus – Summer Camp at NCU
July 10th-28th, 2023