Grow with Copernicus – Summer Camp at NCU
July 10th-28th, 2023


HUMANITIES MODULE is especially recommended for students of the following fields of studies:

History, Conservation of Monuments, History of Art, Theology, Cultural Studies, Fine Arts, Philology etc.



Migration of ideas – from the Middle Ages to the Modern Age


If you choose the HUMANITIES MODULE, the following are waiting for you:

  • 40 hours of academic classes conducted by specialists in Humanities


July 10th-14th, 2023

II weeks in Toruń

July 17th-28st, 2023


  • additional attractions "MY SPECIALIZATION TRIPS" – those activities take place outside the main didactic program and present Poland as an attractive place of educational, scientific and research opportunities; we offer various attractions depending on the specifics of a given module, including sightseeing, shows, visits to various places, trips outside Toruń.


The module presents Toruń, a city on the UNESCO World Heritage List, at the crossroads of the 15th and 16th centuries. Students will become acquainted with the concepts of universalism and regionalism in the protection of cultural heritage. A fascinating adventure awaits them in the history of Europe, between East and West and North and South. The permeation of ideas and the intersection of multiple cultural routes in Toruń and the region will be illustrated by their materialisation in various heritage sites. The course will discuss medieval intellectual migrations: Islam, Judaism and Christianity in theological dialogue. The importance of ideas and politics will be illustrated by the phenomenon of secularisation of the Teutonic Order state in the Reformation era. The audience will learn about the Vistula River as a route for the flow of people and ideas from the Middle Ages to Modernity. It will be of considerable value to learn more about the outstanding Renaissance man, Nicolaus Copernicus, in his home town on the anniversary of his 550th birthday.


Migration of ideas – from the Middle Ages to the Modern Age is a curriculum led by specialists from three departments of NCU in Toruń:

- the Faculty of History – classes on interdisciplinarity in archaeological research; methodology of underwater archaeology; sources in historical research; methodology of medieval history;

- the Faculty of Fine Arts – classes on medieval art as a specific subject of art history research; monumental research of works of painting, sculpture and artistic craftsmanship; architectural research of medieval monuments of Toruń; methodology of conservation research;

- and the Faculty of Theology – classes on science and religion: methodological challenges; the nature of theological language.


Additionally, all participants take part all together in:

  • the cultural module classes (online, 1st week, 20 academic hours):

              In the world of Polish literature, music, film and contemporary art 

  • the cultural program (2nd and 3rd week):

             Outside the classroom: culture and integration,

        including activities such as: sightseeing Toruń and the University, a bonfire and Polish songs meeting, visiting museums and galleries, workshops, a city game, a 1-day trip outside Toruń.


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Grow with Copernicus – Summer Camp at NCU
July 10th-28th, 2023